See below for the full list of injustice in Malaysia that has yet to be resolve!

Under 52 years of BN/UMNO rule, many injustice, corruption and crime has been committed by their cronies! Below is just some of the case that I can keep track! If you have more, please feel free to let me know so I can add to it!



Sunday, September 13, 2009

Why Anwar must go to Jail!

The simply is because Najib cannot afford for him not to. Let me explain!

As far back as I can remember, UMNO and BN have always had 1 main strategy and that tactic is basically to attack and to discredit the opposition. BN will use its main stream media to tell the rakyat that the opposition are incompetent and that they have no experience running the country. UMNO propaganda is to convince the rakyat that if the opposition rule the country, there will be chaos. They will further add that BN will rule the federal govt anyway and if you vote for them at least your area will get some development and projects heading your way. (If you want prove of this just look at how BN campaign in the last few by-election)

This strategy of theirs has not and will not change anytime soon! Why? This is basically because they have no better strategy. Which is easier to do right now?
Win back to hearts and trust of the rakyat? Or discredit the opposition so that the rakyat will feel that they have no better option?

UMNO and BN strategy is very clear! They are not concern about winning back the favour of the rakyat and frankly speaking, I think they don’t even care! So the easiest thing to do is to dishearten the rakyat and to make sure there is no viable alternative for the rakyat to choose (come the next GE).

The best way to do this is to break up the opposition’s coalition. Just take a look at their recently strategy. UMNO propaganda machinery (also known as MSM) will tell the Malays that DAP is controlling PAS and that they will lose their Bumiputera’s privileges if they support Pakatan Rakyat.

UMNO will then get its other BN’s component party to scare the non-Malays that if they support PKR, then PAS will be extremist and that the country will become and Islamic State with Hudud Laws. The ironic thing is that, while running this racist hate campaign, they (through their UMNO control newspaper) are accusing the opposition of stirring up racial and religious sensitivity!

Why are they doing this? It is obvious! They are trying to get supporters from DAP and PAS to fight each other and to break up PKR! UMNO believes that right now, what is holding PKR together is Anwar Ibrahim and Keadilan.

UMNO’s mentality is to take Anwar Ibrahim out of the picture with the hope that Keadillan will break apart. And once Keadillan are in disarray, so will PKR! And if PKR are in disarray, UMNO will tell the rakyat that, PKR are incapable of forming a viable government and better choose a strong and experience government so that the country can enjoy economic stability.

So what can we the normal rakyat do?
Well the first thing we must NOT do is to play into the hand of BN and UMNO! When the police do catch Anwar and throw him in jail, the rakyat must practice restrain. In fact in all the various provocation that UMNO is currently orchestrating, we must practice restrain. Here I must thank and comment the various Indian groups for their calm and restrain respond to the recent Cow Head incident. I think UMNO must have very frustrated that they did not get the response they wanted from the Indian community.

Why does UMNO want to create this tense situation?
It is simply because they need to scare the rakyat into believing that ISA is still useful today! They need a blanket reason to throw their political opponents into ISA and to tell the rakyat that it is the opposition that is causing the chaotic situation. Without chaos like May 13, it will be very hard to justify their actions. If there is a riot with bloodshed, then it is easier to scare the rakyat into believing that the cost of freedom of speech and assembly is a small price to pay for peace. Thus we must make sure that we do not over react to all of UMNO’s provocation!

The second thing we must do is to make sure we VOTE! This is the only way we can really voice our frustration and anger at the present government. And we must be resolute and vote smart! We must make sure no matter where the candidate is from; UMNO, MCA, MIC or even PBS. As long as they are from BN, we must make sure we do not vote for them in any by-election as well as the next GE. We must vote for the opposition at all cost. Even if PKR decide to up a Cow’s Head as their candidate, we must vote for them. We the rakyat must also be weary of “independent candidate” that the BN will plant in some areas to split the opposition’s vote. This has been a very effective strategy use by BN in the past. (The recent MIC AGM is prove of this.)

Not only that, we must make sure we give a full and convincing mandate to PAS, DAP and Keadilllan. This is because all Malaysians knows that, short of a convincing mandate from the rakyat, UMNO with its seemingly endless supply of money will use every dirty trick in the books to entice the various MPs and Assemblymen from PKR to jump ship. You need to look no further than Perak and Sabah for prove of this!

And so if you the rakyat are angry that cow head demonstrating racist can get an appointment with the Home Minister while peaceful demonstration with candles and roses are arrested immediately. If you the rakyat and dumbfounded for the various recent court rulings. If you are wondering why the two Perak frogs facing corruption charges is still being delayed till today?

If we Malaysian want to see the repeal of the ISA,
if we want to see reforms in the Judiciary and the Govt Institutions such as MCMC , MACC, PDRM,
If we want to see justice for RPK, Anwar, Kugan, P.I. Bala, Sujatha, Teoh Beng Hock, Elizabeth Wong,
if we want to see greater freedom of press and assembly,
if we want to see the people responsible for the Lingam case, PKFZ, Penan rape case brought to justice,
if we want to show our displeasure at how BN had robbed our democratic choice in Perak,
then we the rakyat must remember all this injustice and vote in the next GE to ensure BN and its leaders like Taib Mahmud, Khir Toyo, Hishammuddin, Najib and even Samy Vellu does not come back to power!


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