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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein BuLL5h!t!

Malaysiakini reported yesterday

The CowHead MoB - who were involved in the protest to oppose a relocation of a Hindu temple to their neighbourhood - will meet the Home Minister tomorrow to voice their grievances over the issue.

Hishammuddin also said the police are still conducting an investigation against the protesters based on 52 police reports lodged so far.
He said the probe will have to be closed before any arrest can be made.

"But we are not hiding anything from the people... We will take action against anybody who has (affected sensitive issues) but at the same time, we need to be fair to the people concerned (the residents) because they have the right to defend themselves,” he added.


(Below are some comments from Malaysiakini's readers.)
1. A group not only staged an illegal protest, they not only carried out an act to offend people of another faith, they also threatened to shed blood of people of another faith. And the Hon. Minister wants to "jom minum" with them and find out what irks them?


When the Indians felt marginalised and wanted to let the government know their feelings, they were sprayed with chemicals and the leaders thrown in jail. YB Theresa Kok was thrown in jail on the allegation that she had the audacity to ask a mosque to turn down the volume of the call to prayer!
This keris-wielding fool talks about how important it is to listen to the residents' views and such, but we all remember there was no hesitation in using ISA against Teresa Kok for even being accused of talking about a mosque's prayer call (and that wasn't even true). Here we have proof in black and white what the racists and rabble-rousers did, and yet you have this buffoon of a minister trying to appear diplomatic. BN and Umno suck. Racists. Facists.
Kalau orang pro-Kerajaan, kena tunggu siasatan dihabiskan walaupun 52 report telah dibuat. Kalau orang anti kerajaan, walaupun tiada report dibuat "ditangkap dan siksa dulu, baru buat siasatan". Itu pun kena pressure ikut undang-undang, kalau tidak OKT di bantai sampai mati di lockup je. HH, Can we have an appointment with you. We need to tell you personally, what a moron you are, how stupid you sound and how contradictory your words and actions are with the so called 1 Malaysia slogan of your boss. Dah lah, "Bikin tak serupa cakap" sekarang " buang batu dan sembunyikan tangan pulak" Ingat nak bodohkan kita, tapi kamu dan kerajaan kamu yang jelas nampak bodoh I believe that it is more a case of different brain capacity. The group that carried the cow head are cow heads themselves


The damage already done. Too late for talks. Immediate arrest and let them do the talking in court!!!
Whilst the investigations are still ongoing? Isn't that a bit stupid and could be construed as interference with the course of justice? If it were innocent candle light protesters, they would have been arrested on the spot and spend a couple of nights in a lock-up. In this case, there have to be investigations first, even when the whole protest was captured in great detail in audio and video!

1. It would be foolish for one to meet the said residents when police investigations are continuing! 2. Most importantly – the behavior of the protestors were photographed, taped and recorded and in that, the main actor was highly provocative, reportedly saying the residents he represented were prepared to shed blood to prevent a Hindu temple being relocated to their neighborhood. 3. This incident was telecast around the world and we are being watched by others to see if we have several sets of laws operating in the country - one for the opposition another for the ruling party, its political predators and adventurers! 4. The Home Minister being a lawyer knows ‘no one is above the law’ just as well as he knows that laws have being broken in this case! There are to date - over 52 police reports!
BN did not listen when thousands portested...not 50 people protest nd minister can go to meet them lolzzzz
It is very easy for some people to see Hishamuddin and his cousin Najib. Remember the story of how Saiful, the guy who says he was sodmised, just walked up to Najib's house and received a warm welcome. These two cousins are such nice, friendly and caring people. How can anyone say or suspect that they had anything to do with these two major incidents!!!
what the hell???? why need to meet the home minister? and why should kerismuddin allowed the meeting?? the protestors were already clearly in the wrong and ought to be arrested immediately by police but police kept delaying and now they want to meet kerimsuddin? what kind of double standard is this from the police and the home minister?? grrr!! so mad! it is 2malaysia, not 1malaysia - 1 for oppostion/NGO and one for umno/extremist muslim!
Any true God fearing Malaysian (Malays and non-Malays) who can still vote for BN after this is an idiot!

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