See below for the full list of injustice in Malaysia that has yet to be resolve!

Under 52 years of BN/UMNO rule, many injustice, corruption and crime has been committed by their cronies! Below is just some of the case that I can keep track! If you have more, please feel free to let me know so I can add to it!



Friday, July 3, 2009

Opposition Problems! The true story about High Chaparral!

Opposition has problems!
No doubt about it!

BN had over 52 years to work out their problems and they still are crap!
So how can I expect from DAP-PAS-Keadilan!

The important is the Justice must be done!

I however want to talk about the High Chaparral case in Penang!

Let me tell you the real story that you won't get from NST or Star!

1. This problem had started under Koh's BN govt. They had sold the land to Nusmetro Ventures Sdn Bhd. This is a company that has strong links with Penang UMNO!

(By the way this is not the first case that Koh Su Koon has screw up the Penang people of land deals! Check out this two webpage for more details! 1. 2. )

2. So this leave the current govt to clean up the sh!t the previous govt gave the people of Penang!

3. Unlike what is reported, the govt cannot simply take the land from the developer!
The govt can force the developer to sell the land and even force the developer to sell at a low price.

4. HOWEVER!! The developer can challenge this in the courts!
And this can suck the Penang Govt to a long running court battle between the developer and the Penang Govt. And we all know who OWNS THE JUDICIARY!!!

5.This will put the Penang Govt at risk of being force to pay millions of ringgit to the developer at market price (over a 100 million). This is not to mention the legal cost incurred by the state govt for having to do battle in court!

6.The Penang Govt simply cannot get suck into this fight which is really a trap from Penang's UMNO!

7. So what has the Penang Govt done? Well for startes it has prevented the developer from coming into demolish the settlement.

8. How?!? The Penang Govt has said to the developer that if you demolish the settlement, we will not grant you any permit to build anything there! And you will be stuck with a piece of land and that's it!

9. So the Penang Govt has got the developer to come out with higher compensation fees to the resident there and stop them from just kicking them out on the streets!

10. I really doubt the previous administration would have done that! How do I know that?!?
Well they sold the land to the developer without telling the resident right?!?
What more prove do you want???


Kah Seng said...

More ways for UMNO-Koh Tsu Koon to usurp state land. Had BN remained in power, PORR would give their cronies a lot of land:

Goh Wei Liang said...

The Penang Govt has said to the developer that if you demolish the settlement, we will not grant you any permit to build anything there! And you will be stuck with a piece of land and that's it!

I would like to correct this piece of sentence because it is clearly a spin.

Lim Guan Eng did not say such a thing. He warned the developers that if they do not compensate the residents as initially agreed upon and offered to the people, the Penang State Govt will not hesitate to put an end to the project.

Constitutionally, the Penang Chief Minister has the authority to reclaim the land at a price evaluated by the State Government.

This is a known matter and I have checked that provisions under the Penang State Constitution legally allow Penang to do so.

Also, if Barisan Nasional were to clearly make Penang State Government go bankrupt by influencing the Courts and this comes at the expense of the people, the BN party will face the heat and anger of the voters in the 13th GE.

There are dozens of political strategists in BN and even a first year political science student will know that doing THIS will mean the end of days.

THIS here carries the meaning of interference with the Court to send the people's Penang State Govt into bankruptcy.

It was also reported in the papers that the land deal was inked on March 26, 2008. These are the words of the Kg Buah Pala residents' representative.

At that time, Lim Guan Eng was already the Chief Minister and the Pakatan Rakyat was in full control of the State.

I hope to see an article from you that question why didn't Lim Guan Eng exercise his election promise and help the people in High Chaparral.

The State EXCO has every right to suspend the land transfer deal and discuss matters with the developer on behalf of the residents.

These are constitutional and legal.

Also, allow me to discuss the Selangor water issue with you. The election promise of Selangor's State Government was free water for the people there if elected.

After being elected, former Corporate man Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim was appointed as Menteri Besar. He moved swiftly by offering approximately RM 6 billion to buy the water companies in Selangor.

However, the companies found that the offer was too low. Tan Sri Khalid then requested the Federal Govt to buy at approximately RM 9-10 billion.

Indeed very shocking why did Tan Sri Khalid's State Govt made an official request to the Federal Govt to buy at such a high price while his evaluation was only RM 6 bil.

Is this another case of election promise unable to be delivered and need the BN Govt to help out ? Pakatan's promise, BN's delivery.

I also would like to hear your opinions on Kedah's controversies that include pig abattoirs as well as the plan to demolish Hindu and Chinese temples there.

Cheers to you MJ.

Malaysianjustice said...

"Constitutionally, the Penang Chief Minister has the authority to reclaim the land at a price evaluated by the State Government."

I have already said that I agreed with you on this! However Penang State Constitution can be challenge and interpreted differently by the courts! The Perak issue is prove of that!

As to BN strategy, I agree with you that so far BN political strategy right now is worse that a first year political science student! Just look at their strategy in Perak as prove!!

BN has proven to be vindictive at the cost of the rakyat. See by previous article on Perak for that.

as to the deal pened on the 28 of March, a good first year political science student would have learned that it is impossible for the new govt to get to grip with the new administration within a week. I fully believe that it is possible for a high-ranking civil officer approve the deal before PKR had a change to really start running the state. Unless U can prove me wrong that LGE actually pen the deal down himself?

As to questioning why LGE has not fulfill his promise to help the High Charappel villages,
I disagree with you! I think LGE is doing his job in helping the HC villages. Otherwise the HC people would have been kick out by now by the BN govt.
Please note: Helping them does not necessarily mean doing everything they ask for.

As to the Selangor Water issue and the Kedah issue, I have not read enough on those issue to give a response to that. If time permits me I will look into it and reply to you on those issue in due time.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Interesting link you have provided for your readers to my blog. But I think you could be a bit more polite. I too am interested in justice, but have a different way of articulating it.

Issues that still have not seen Justice!

1. Port Klang Free Zone scandal
2. Kugan murder
Altantuya's murder!
4. UMNO Youth assault on Kapal Singh in Parliament (JUSTICE SERVED..kind of!)
Malacca CM, Ali Rustam's corruption
6. Lingam Tape Case
8. Khir Toyo - Mansion, Disneyland and etc issues!
Kill Nizar blog/Utusan Malaysia death threat to Teresa Kok
10.Zakaria Md Deros Istana
11.Frogs, Mohd Jailu & Mohd Radzi corruption case
(the 2 has gotten acquitted!)
12.Penang Land Scam!
13.Abdul Razak Baginda Media Taboo
14.Najib's Submarine and Helicopter Scandal!
15.Elizabeth Wong's Picture Scandal
(BF still not arrested by police!)

16.Hindraf legal advisor P Uthayakumar still in ISA (JUSTICE SERVED!)

17.Private Investigator Bala's Injustice!
18.Prostitution of young girls and children
19. HumanTrafficking in Malaysia
20. Illegal VCDs/DVDs/Prostitution/Gambling in M'sia.
21. Najib's 50 million Bribery Case
22.Saiful not charge with Anwar for Sodomy
23.Bukit Antarabangsa landslide Victims!
24.M Indira Ghandi kidnapped daughter
25.Penan, Sarawak Women being sexually abuse!
26.Sujatha death (sammy vellu son's "assistant")
27. Turtle Eggs consumed by Sarawak's Police!
28. M'sian's Money lost through corrupt BN govt projects!
29. Taib's rape and plunder of Sarawak's wealth!
30. Utusan Malaysia racist article
31. RM300 million Gong Badak stadium
32. Teoh Beng Hock death
33. Selangor's BN assemblypersons spending 90.6 percent of the total state allocations within the first two months of this year.
34. Kg Buah Pala, Penang Land Scandal
35. Section 23 Muslim insulting Hindus
37. Mahkota Cheras Police Brutality
38. Biro Tata Negara - Racist Propaganda!
39. Auditor General Report 2009!
40.Churches being burned
41. 60% of Sarawak state fund diverted elsewhere

42. 2nd Finance Minister's P.Sec charge for corruption

43. Drop charges against Al-Islam magazine's journalists

44. Cow Head Protestors gets it easy from M'sia Courts

45. Najib gets away with bribery in Sibu!

46. Another death in Police custody. Krishnan!

47. Aminulrasyid Amzah Death in Police Custody

1 policeman gets 5 years in jail but this is pending appeal!

48. Police stole Chia Buang Hing money, and beat him up

49. Bernama cameraman Hairul Nizam Bahrin beaten by police.

50. 2011 Sarawak Election Scandals!

51. Ahmad Sarbani another MACC victim!

52.Police shooting youth on their knees!!!

53. Perak Constitutional Scandal!

54. Ibrahim Ali Immunity for Authorities

55. Justice for Baharuddin Ahmad

56. 6 PSM members under EO! (RELEASED)

57. Violent Demonstration in Penang

58. Tan Sri Tajuddin Ramli gets away scot free!

59.Sinar Harian attack on Christians!

60.Native Land Grab in Sarawak!

61. Project IC in Sabah!

62. Gani Patail and Musa Hassan sins!

63. The National Feedlot Corporation (NFC) scandal

64. ABU and Hindraf attacked my UMNO's Goons!

65. IPCMC dead in the water!

66. Gan Ee Seng vs Pahang Govt

67. Lynas Scandal

68. Police powerless against thugs in Klang (SMM)

69. Rela and Police Thuggery (victim S Mogan)

70. Lim Guan Eng's Son attacked by Pro UMNO bloggers


72. Strings of UMNO Thug's Violence!

73. Prove of Taib corruption in Sarawak! (29.)