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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

MORE ARREST! But are the Police also Racist?!?

Yesterday the Perak Police made more ridicules arrest!

Those arrested were:
1. YB V Sivakumar,
2. MP M Kulasegaran (DAP’s Ipoh Barat)
3. Choo Ooi Beng
4. YB Leong mee Meng
5. YB Lim Pek Har
6. Vikneswary
7. YB Chang Lih Kang
8. YB keshwinder
9. YB Chan Ming Kai
10. Chai Sing Fatt
11. Vasu
12. YB Thomas Su
13. Chan Gee Keong
14. Faisal Bin Umar Ridzuan
Perak police chief Zulkefli Abdullah (below) told reporters that the police had recorded statements from the 14 and that they would be investigated under the Police Act for taking part in an illegal gathering. THIS IS FOR PARTICIPATING IN A HUNGRY STRIKE!!?!?
When will Hishammuddin ask the Police to stop this nonsense and start catching real criminals!!
Five people were arrested earlier today
Their only crime was making arrangements for the launch of a three-day hunger strike. Zulkefli said that they would be investigated under the Sedition Act for putting up a large balloon with the wordings Daulat Tuanku and Bubar DUN (Dissolve the Assembly).

The Ipoh police tonight arrested two DAP members as they were entering the party headquarters where an indoor candlelight vigil was taking place. The police arrested them at 8.45pm on the grounds that the two were going to take part in an illegal assembly.

For goodness sake!! This is indoor and they have not actually taken part yet!!
Are our movements now being police as well?!?
Important Note!
See how many of the people arrested are Malays?!?
Why wasn't Nizar arrested?!? Didn't he participate as well?!?
The answer is simply because the Police knows weak that if they ever dare to arrest Nizar, all hell will break lose and they will have a RIOT in their hands!
They dare to arrest the non-Malays because they know we will no fight back!
Does this not prove that the Police bully only those they know will not get a backlash?!?
The Non-Malays will never fight back with violence?!? We simply do not have the culture or the means to do it! So what can we do in response to this?!?

Some suggestion on how to get back to at the Police!
Are the Perak Police showing their true colours as BN's personal gangsters!???
Do you not wish you can do something about it!??? Well there are legal and non-violence ways you can get back at the Police!

The best way is to cut of their main supply of bribery money!!
All Malaysian knows that illegal DVDs, pornography, brothels (Health Centre), Gambling dens (Cyber-cafe), Entertainment Outlet (karaoke, massage centres filled with illegal foreign workers) are rampant in Malaysia?!?

You can see it everywhere in the city!!
How is it that we all know that this places are all operating illegally but the Police never seem to catch them!?? Are the Police blind?!? Are they Stupid!?!? The Police can track down RPK in Australia but can't tell that there is an illegal brothel running right behind their Police Station?!?

Of course they are not stupid and blind!!!
So why have they not close these places down?!? I cannot write down the answer here but I am sure any right thinking person can come to a reasonable conclusion!

Don't be fooled!!
If you think the occasional bribe some police personal get for stopping you (for breaking the traffic light rule) is enough then you are fooling yourself! What about the higher ranking officers?!? Do you think RM50 is enough ah?!? The illegal industry mention earlier are the only ones big enough to feed the greed of these top corrupt personal!!!

Why do you think the Police are on BN side?!?
The answer is simply because as long as BN is in power, the status-quo remain unchanged and they can continue with their corrupt life -style!

So the best way to get at the Police is to make sure the Police act on the illegal industry!!
If you know of a gambling den, a shop selling illegal DVDs, a Health Spa that is actually a prostitute brothel, get a group of people together and make a report to the nearest Police station!
Make sure you get the IO name!
Follow up on the case and report it to the media! If the IO fail to act?!? Report him to the MACC!

Make sure you get the name of the IO in the MACC also!
Again inform the media and keep putting on pressure on the authorities to shut these places down!

If the police are busy investigating real crime, then they will not have time to pull off all these nonsense arrest!
I know some people will think I am naive! But at the very least if the illegal industry in your area is shut down! You can be sure that some corrupt top ranking police officer, will be that much poorer and piss!!

Later I will show you how you can get back at Hishammuddin legally and non-violent as well!!

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