SG LIMAU Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin today justified abolishing the sugar subsidy by pointing to former Kedah mentri besar the late Azizan Abdul Razak, whose legs were amputated due to diabetes prior to his death on Sept 26.

"The problem with Malaysia is, we're prosperous.

penang kedah timber logging azizan abdul razak 310708 02"Those who died are destined by Allah, but in this world, many are eating a lot at the same time taking a lot of sugar, until......I don't have to elaborate much about the late (Azizan, right).

"Because of this (consuming sugar), he is forced to go through the process where his legs had to be amputated," Muhyiddin said.

The DPM was trying to justify the subsidy cut, saying the government wanted to control the people's high sugar consumption as it led to health problems.

He was delivering his speech to 1,500-strong crowd at SMK Sungai Limau for a meet-the-people session today as part of the by-election campaign.

The death of Azizan, the former Sungai Limau state assemblyperson for five terms, resulted in the upcoming poll.

Meanwhile Najib is so full of himself that he can tell people with a straight face that the reason they lost in the election is because they were successful in implementing the BN policies! How did we end up with such an arrogant, dillusional idiot as PM? I am not sure who is worse. The PM or the DPM!