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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

This is not injustice or corruption. Just plain stupidity!

Usually I try to highlight only injustice in this Country but I think the fact that this group of people can be so stupid and still in power is an injustice by itself!

First up we have Ceylyn Tay who back in Jan7 2012 had showed her stupidity in a video clip.

This Ipoh City Council member from Gerakan wasted no time launching into a tirade against Pakatan Rakyat, arguing that the birth of coalition had led to more racialism resulting in an undesirable “two-race system”. As such, Malaysia should not have a two-party system.


Tay has also earned herself the moniker ‘Ms Equality’ due to portions of her speech in which she said the Chinese community cannot expect equal treatment because they are a minority.

In the clip, Tay accused the DAP of pitting the Chinese against one another by using a strategy of urging voters to punish Umno by voting out MCA and Gerakan.

“But people do not see a problem with this logic – A commits a crime, B is punished and C is used to suppress A. What does this have to do with B?” she asked.

On the 1Malaysia slogan, Tay told the audience that Chinese Malaysians must be realistic because Malays make up the majority of the people. As such, complete equality cannot be expected.

She said Malaysia should not have a two-party system because its society is not homogenous, unlike in the US or UK.

“A two-party system such as in the US and UK can exist because they are single-race countries. In a single-race country, you can have a two-party system because there is no racial differences.

“But in Malaysia, we can’t. The worst outcome here is to have a two-race system. This is not beneficial to the Chinese. Everyone should think carefully.”

A number of YouTube and Facebook commenters have retorted to her anti-two-party system outburst by asking: “Is Obama white?”

Some of the interactions she has had with critics happened on her Facebook page, which Tay has temporarily disabled because some critics had acted ‘unreasonably’.

“(Moreover,) my Facebook page has a lot of pictures of me at work. I don’t want them using Photoshop to doctor these pictures,” she said.

Tay later clarified that she had taken down her Facebook fan page, not her Facebook page.

kak tunda mca jessie ooi 22nd is Jessie Ooi (right), a Selangor MCA activist, who has become an Internet sensation of sorts because of the manner in which she posed a question to Lim Guan Eng in a recent debate.

"I am ‘half' a Penangite. You always talk about lightening the people's burden. But assessment rates are up. All prices are going up.

"Moreover, at 10.30pm at night, I saw this twice with my own eyes, 10.30pm the roads are devoid of cars, but you still ask enforcement officers to tow cars.

"It concluded with a fight where there were severe injuries. How do you explain this security issue? Is this called lightening the people's burden?" she said.

The stupid girl did not know that assessment rates in Penang has not been increase since 2007. Price of goods going up is a federal govt problem, idiot! And as for the tow truck issue, the stupid girls must not understand that breaking the law is breaking the law no matter what time of the night it is or the fact that it does not inconvenient anyone! IDIOTS!

3rd is the Home Ministry who had banned the sale of a children’s sex education book written by a British author, saying its contents “could threaten moral values”.

It had yesterday ordered bookstores to suspend sales of ‘Where did I come from?’ by Peter Mayle, pending further investigations.

NONEThe 44-page illustrated book published in 1984 aims to help parents explain to children such topics as sex, conception and birth.

The Home Ministry said in a statement that the book was deemed harmful to society after critics complained it contained graphic illustrations.

“The Home Ministry today has decided to ban the book... because it contained elements which could threaten moral values and is offensive to the public,” Abdul Rahim Mohamad Radzi, deputy secretary-general of security, said.

Abdul Rahim warned that those who breached the order risked being jailed for up to three years.

It took the Home Ministry 28 years to banned the booked?!?! Those pictures are cartoon illustration on how human reproduce. It is factually correct without any form of dirty content!

How did those idiots in the Home Ministry see this as bad but allows our streets and pasar malam to be filled with paddlers selling porn is beyond believe!

4th is another fool from the MCA.

Selangor MCA deputy head of public and services complaint bureau, Allan Liew Sin Kim, lodged a police report against the Penang chief minister, accompanied by five complainants at the Kajang police station.

According to the police report, Liew noted that Lim had uttered “PAS never killed a Chinese” during the wrap-up session of the head-to-head debate which was telecast live.

Liew said that the Chinese community did not understand the true meaning of this remark and felt worried and afraid as Lim was playing on a racial issue.

Thus, he wants the police to investigate Lim on whether he had violated “any racial issue laws”.

Allan Liew must be suffering from the same intellectually challenging illness like Jessie Ooi. Taking the CM's remark literally, it means PAS did not commit any serious offence against the Chinese. How can such a remark be deemed racist or dangerous?

Finally courtesy of NIAMAH!

The Star today is courtesy of the deputy prime minister, Muhyiddin Yassin. He's always good for a laugh.

He was quoted as saying, "Victory for Pakatan will result in changes in the laws upheld by Barisan Nasional all this while."

Errr.......Mr. Deputy Prime Minister....and your point is? The people want changes in a lot of things upheld by Barisan Nasional all this while, kan? That's why
we vote in elections. No ah? That's why governments are voted in and out. No ah?

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